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My name is Jeanette Campbell-Turner and I teach British Sign Language (BSL) and Deaf Awareness. I am qualified to BSL NVQ level 3. As Secretary to the Doncaster and District Deaf Society (DDDS) I am actively involved with many aspects of the Deaf community.

Through my volunteer work and involvement I am aware of the frustrations and difficulties faced daily by Deaf people of all ages regardless of their status or profession. My main focus is to promote Deaf Awareness and basic communication skills to a wide range of hearing public and professional bodies, breaking down any pre-conceived ideas and barriers, and replacing them with Deaf communication skills.

Modern day society promotes ‘Equality and Inclusivity’ and I strongly believe that any business or company willing to invest in the development of their workforce, now or in the future, will benefit from the ability to effectively communicate with a Deaf/Hard of Hearing person. I am a hearing tutor, with passion and enthusiasm, and a drive to teach ‘Deaf Awareness’ to all parties interested and willing to learn.

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